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Al Mandoma Tech

A system that works with small and large stores with the ability to use it on the mobile phone and provide periodic updates with continuous support.

e-university ‏‏ElEbdaa system

The student is able to download his materials and register. It also opens the door for correspondence between all parties, including a student and a faculty member. We also provide an electronic archiving system with a personnel management system and an electronic library.

‏‏ElEbdaa System (Accounting System - Commercial)

This system enjoys ease of use, clear interfaces, accurate calculations, and accuracy in performing all tasks. It is a system that includes all the details of purchases, stores and sales. It also contains the financial matters of employees such as salary statements, bonuses and discounts, and includes a complete accounting tree with the presence of All financial and statistical reports that allow you to rely on them to make decisions in your field of work, as the creativity system has been designed and includes interfaces specific to the field of manufacturing, in which you will find all matters related to the field of manufacturing that will facilitate your work.

Babcom online market

«Babcom» is designed and is an application that contains a comprehensive electronic market that meets all needs of goods and services for customers, Department stores and shops can subscribe with Babcom and exhibit their goods and services using BabCom e-shopping Platform online.

There is a set of rules/rules set by the main portal/platform to simplify the electronic wholesale and trading platform.

Customers can search for a product, good or service by subscribing to this application and then place an order to purchase it online.

Electronic payment - Li Pay

It is a platform for electronic payment and transfer of funds away from paper money “cash”, which is a system provided by financial and banking institutions to make the electronic payment process safe and easy, This system is characterized by its being subject to the laws, which make all financial movements take place in complete secrecy, to ensure the protection and security of the user.
وتمتاز هذه المنظومة بخضوعها للقوانين، التي تجعل كافة الحركات المالية تتم فى سرية تامة، لضمان الحماية والأمان للمستخدم.

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